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Welcome to Colorimeter, a reliable supplier of quality benchtop spectrophotometer in India. Most of the industries including Plastic, Textile, Paint & Coatings, Food, Pharmaceuticals, and many others require quality benchtop spectrophotometers to measure the transmission and reflectance of various products.

Our wide range of cheap benchtop spectrophotometer can measure color from different products that are either liquid or solid, smooth textured or flaky, powdery or creamy or have any other substance with 100% precision. Every industry has different processes and hence requires different models of supreme benchtop spectrophotometers. To fulfill the industry demand, we offer four models that are sure to serve your purpose. You can check out our different models listed below:

CS-800, CS-801, CS-810, CS-820


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      CS-800 desktop spectrophotometer First, the instrument introduced 1, the load-bearing measurement of solid samples (steel, cloth) can be placed directly on the measurement port, the particles (tablets, Masterbatch), powder (pigment, coffee), paste objects Dish, and then placed on the test port measurements. 2, D8 structure instrument adopts international common D / 8 (integrating sphere diffuse [...]
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      CS-801 desktop spectrophotometer using D / 8 lighting geometry, the test aperture toward the side of the design, easy to solid, particle, powder, paste and other different state samples were measured. Solid samples (steel, cloth) may be placed directly measuring port, a powder (pigment, coffee), paste the object (tomato sauce), liquid (butter oil) may be placed [...]
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      First, the instrument introduced 1, D / 0 structure 2, suitable for glass, liquid color measurement 3, using UV-enhanced silicon photodiode transmittance measurement range of 0 to 100% extended to 0 to 200% 4, platinum and cobalt, Gardner index --- the degree of liquid yellow to characterize the color of platinum and cobalt Hazen as [...]
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      CS-820 Benchtop Spectrophotometer - Compatible with reflection and transmission measurements First, the instrument introduced 1, the transmission D / 0 structure and the reflection of the D / 8 structure 2, dual optical spectrum analysis technology can simultaneously obtain both measurement data and reference data to ensure the accuracy and long-term stability of the instrument. 3, [...]
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    All our color measurement devices are a perfect blend of both technology and innovation. Designed exclusively to meet the various industrial color testing needs, our color measuring benchtop spectrophotometers are known to offer flawless features. Some of them are:

    • The presence of CLED illuminant promotes better speed and higher accuracy for each testing result.
    • ETC or Every Test Calibration improves each color tests repeatability and accuracy.
    • Some models have an 8-degree viewing feature
    • The models can easily measure the colors of various products having different size, color, thickness, and texture.
    • All the models are easy to use and perform each color test with 100% precision.

    Being a leading supplier of benchtop spectrophotometer, we have always managed to deliver quality color testing solutions to all our clients in a cost-effective manner.

    We are a Delhi based dealer of various color testing devices and you can consider purchasing our affordable color measurement devices to fulfill your business needs. Following are some highlights of our organization:

    • All our customers get impeccable customer services and technical assistance before and after sale.
    • You can get affordable color measurement devices that conduct each test with 100% accuracy.
    • The different models are passed through numerous quality checks to make sure all our customers get the best of color testing devices within their budget.
    • We are a one-stop solution to all your color testing needs.
    • Our products and services will never disappoint you.

    You can contact us, if you have any query for any of our products.